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Best AC Repair Service Company in East Texas.

Joe Stowe the owner of Stonebridge Heating and Air Conditioning shares some of vast knowledge and experience. Stonebridge is the leading AC repair company in East Texas and are located in Tyler, Texas, they recommend to read the International tool box review for those who want to know more about the best tool storage you [...]

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Kinsey Crossing

Have you been to the new Kinsey crossing?  If not, it's pretty amazing.  We installed the newest most energy efficient heating and cooling system to keep the carbon foot print low and the electricity bills even lower!  So if your in the mood for pizza, stop in at Rounders, they have the best thin crust [...]

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Vote for us!

Please vote for Stonebridge Heating and Air on the FedEx small business grant. Our business has applied for a small grant with FedEx to help with our Energy Efficiency Initiative. Please vote for us BEFORE the deadline on March 17th. Thanks for your support.

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