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Residential AC Repair Service in Tyler Tx

If your HVAC equipment isn’t providing expected comfort levels, you can check the following before calling:

  •  Has the breaker tripped? You may just need to flip it back on.
  •  Is the filter extremely dirty? A hot house is sometimes the result of a clogged filter which prevents airflow.
  • Is your thermostat set properly? Does it need new batteries?

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HVAC Repair Services

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StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning offers FREE Second Opinions on compressors, heat exchangers, and new equipment. We are well-equipped to handle design and installation of all Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Systems. All of our certified technicians know how to repair air conditioning.

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Tips and advice for your Residential heating and air conditioning system.

Seamless functioning of your air conditioning units is an absolute must for a comfortable life at home and business establishments. Summers can be searing hot in Tyler, Texas which means your AC units will be running hard and long. It further means more breakdowns and malfunctions due to a heavy workload. If not maintained properly, these faults can burn a big hole in your pocket with massive AC repair bills. However, if you act smart and take some preventive measures, you can minimize your AC repair bills. Here’s how.

Unless it completely fails to function, it is hard to identify any problem with the AC unit. You can, however, perform self-checks on the AC unit periodically to identify the potential problems and take corrective action accordingly.

Filter check-up will help in avoiding inflated electricity bills due to under-performance of the AC unit. This happens due to heavy accumulation of dirt on the filter. If you notice under-performance of your AC unit, make sure that the filter is clean. Although filter cleaning is a simple exercise and can be performed easily at home, you can also get it done by a professional AC repair company in Tyler, TX at affordable prices.

Another strategic time for AC repair at reduced prices is when you notice ice formations in the unit. The most likely culprit is the faulty blower fan belt. Prompt repairs of this belt will prevent further damage to the AC unit.

Heating and Air Conditioining maintenance A Damaged condenser can be another potential culprit that can inflate your AC repair bills. The condenser transforms vapors into liquid, and if damaged, can lead to a complete unit breakdown. You must also observe the condenser coils minutely to detect any kind of dirt accumulation, as it can severely hamper the performance of the unit. You can either clean the condenser coils yourself or call an expert HVAC technician to address the problem before it goes out of hand.

If you experience a quick “turn on and shut off” situation with your AC unit, it could mean that there is some disruption in the flow of electricity in the unit, or it could be an excess flow of electricity, which is causing its safety regulator to act in quick succession. Ideally, you should avoid using the AC unit in such a scenario, since the risk of complete breakdown is quite high. Unless it is being serviced or repaired by an expert, do not use your AC unit in this condition.

In case your AC is turned on but you don’t feel any cooling effect, it is the perfect time to get it repaired. It could be a case of a damaged compressor and/or fan motor. Here’s a quick tip from, don’t wait until it’s blazing hot to turn on your unit, instead turn it on when it is cool, on the night of an upcoming hot day, for example. This is the best way to save money with your air conditioner, as it is much more simple for it to keep your place cool than it is to bring the temperatures down once it is hot.

Another problem that requires immediate repairs is the banging and clunking noise if the cooling system is turned off. The problem here is with the compressor getting old and becoming a victim of usual wear and tear due to years of use. However, if the AC unit is new, you must call Stonebridge an HVAC repair company in Tyler, Tx to look at the problem closely.

An AC unit is a necessity you can’t live without. If you keep a periodic check on your AC unit, it will keep a check on soaring AC repair bills. Stonebridge is the leading AC Repair Company in Tyler, Tx.

StoneBridge Heating & Air is an active member of the Tyler Area Builders Association (TABA). Look for us at many of the Parade Homes this year with our Lennox and American Standard 20+ SEER systems. We service and install Frigidaire, Rudd, Rheem, Carrier, Bryant, Payne, and Goodman.