Tyler, TX Air Duct Cleaning & Repairs

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When Your Air Ducts Need To Be Replaced

It’s important to recognize the signs that you need to replace your ductwork before it compromises your indoor air. Some symptoms to watch for that can signal you need to schedule an installation include:

  • Your ducts are aging. This is especially important if your property is more than 50 years old and you still have the original ducts. Aging ducts can be more prone to leaks.
  • If you notice cracks in the ducts. These can lead to wasted energy, which can cause your utility bills to increase.
  • If there’s an excess of humidity in the air. This can lead to mold growth and affect your indoor air quality.

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Professional Repairs

To determine when your ductwork needs professional repairs, watch for these signs that can indicate you need to schedule repairs with a service company:

  • Your property is stuffy and humid, even when the air conditioner is running.
  • Your energy bills are increasing. This can indicate a leak in the air ducts. Damaged ducts can lose up to 30 percent of air flowing through them.
  • Your house has hot and cold spots. This can signal an issue that should be inspected by a professional.

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Benefits of Timely, Professional Air Duct Services

To improve your indoor air quality, it’s important to have air duct services performed regularly. Some of the other benefits can include:

  • Better air quality throughout your property.
  • Fewer symptoms for allergy sufferers.
  • Consistent heating and cooling throughout your home or building.
  • Increased lifespan of the ductwork.
  • Lower utility bills as leaky ducts can cause wasted air and energy.

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