Kick Off the School Year with Some Air Duct Basics

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are present in many homes with centralized air conditioning. These metal tunnels, usually located in the ceiling or walls, divert cool air to different parts of the house. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that air ducts can last for years without major problems but advises cleaning them as needed to maintain the home’s indoor air quality.

To keep their HVAC systems running smoothly and indoor air quality ideal, homeowners should know some basic things about their air ducts and when to clean them.

Signs That It’s Time to Clean Those Air Ducts

bad smellsThe EPA notes that one doesn’t have to clean their home’s air ducts regularly but that homeowners should have them professionally cleaned on an “as needed” basis. Signs that it’s time to have the air ducts cleaned include:

  • Weak airflow: If air weakly blows through the home’s vents, this could point to debris in the air ducts themselves blocking airflow.
  • Rodent and bug infestations: Some critters can make their homes inside air ducts. Here, they can leave behind waste, eggs, and carcasses. Not only can these materials make the air unsafe to breathe, but they can also contribute to additional problems in the future.
  • Bad smells: If foul odors are coming from the air ducts, this could mean that mold or mildew is growing in the ducts.
  • It’s been a while since the last cleaning: If one can’t remember the last time they cleaned their air ducts, they should get on it by calling a professional.

These are just some signs that one should get their air ducts cleaned. Other signs, such as an unusually high power bill and excessive humidity, can also warrant a cleaning.

Three Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

energy savingsSome of the benefits of cleaning the home’s air ducts are:

  • Reducing allergens: Over time, dust, pollen, and dander can build up inside the home’s air ducts. This can lead to respiratory problems, such as asthma, allergies, coughing, sneezing, and headaches. Clean ducts reduce the symptoms of these respiratory issues and help homeowners stay healthier.
  • Energy savings: Dirty air ducts cause the air conditioner to work “overtime.” This can lead to higher energy bills, so duct cleaning can help lower them again.
  • Less mold growth: Over time, mold can grow in air ducts. As noted, this can lead to a host of health complications. The mold can also spread to other parts of the home, causing drywall damage, for example. Cleaning the air ducts removes the mold and helps families breathe clean air again.

Homeowners Can Help Keep Their Air Ducts Clean

Homeowners can help keep their air ducts clean in between professional cleanings by:

  • Vacuuming regularly: Using an efficient vacuum can prevent dust and dander from building up inside the home’s air ducts.
  • Changing the AC’s air filter once a year: EnergyStar notes that homeowners should replace their AC units’ air filters at least every three months. Doing so allows the air conditioner to work properly and helps prevent dirt from building up inside the air ducts.

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